Monday, March 06, 2017

Rumors of War - Kings of the East

North Korea likely preparing to strike U.S. military bases in Japan -
UPI reports: "The four missiles North Korea launched on Monday were likely practice for targeting U.S. military bases in Japan. According to South Korea's joint chiefs of staff, three of the four missiles landed in Japanese territorial waters, making it likely North Korea is rehearsing attacks against U.S. military stations in Japan, from where reinforcements for the Korean peninsula would arrive in the event of war. Seoul said all four projectiles were most likely midrange ballistic missiles that are not capable of reaching the continental United States, South Korean newspaper Kukmin Ilbo reported Monday."

Comment: The North Korean problem is really difficult. There are almost no good answers. The number of casualties in a resumed Korean War would be far more than the public is used to. When one American is killed in Iraq or Afghanistan it's major news. With North Korea, it's likely that thousands of American troops would die in the first few hours of the conflict. It's also a conflict that can't be contained, it would immediately draw in other countries and could quickly escalate to a nuclear war.  This is why taking a "wait and see" approach along with sanctions and diplomacy, is the solution Bush and Obama favored. Will Trump take the same approach? 

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