Thursday, March 02, 2017


U.S. bombs al-Qaida targets in Yemen -
UPI reports: "Citing multiple unnamed U.S. and Yemeni military sources, The New York Times reported the bombing raids targeted al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula in three provinces: Abyan, Shabwa and Baydha. The raid in Shabwa destroyed a house known in the area as one where al-Qaida militants lived. It is believed three people affiliated with the terrorist group were killed. The bombings also targeted infrastructure used by suspected al-Qaida militants, officials said."

Comment: I hope the new Trump government will do a better job of letting the U.S. public know why expanding the war into Yemen is important. I think the public understands fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq and maybe Syria, but I don't think Yemen is on the public radar at all. 

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