Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kings of the East

China, Saudi Arabia stress ties, sign $65 billion in deals -
UPI reports: "China and Saudi Arabia signed more than a dozen agreements on economic cooperation worth $65 billion, according to Beijing's foreign ministry. [...] The meeting between the king and Xi comes at a time when China has reportedly been asked to play a bigger role in the Middle East, according to the South China Morning Post. While the two sides do not necessarily agree on a strategy to resolve the Syria conflict, Chinese diplomats who spoke to the Hong Kong-based newspaper said China is growing confident about its influential role in a multipolar world. Energy cooperation, which has been the foundation of China-Saudi Arabia relations, is at the center of Saudi Arabia's concerns, according to the report. Saudi Arabia is the top exporter of crude oil while China is the world's biggest importer."

Comment: It's been a BP puzzle for generations. Why would John's Kings of the East (Rev 16:12) march into the Middle East?  It's only in the modern era that the practical and material motive has been revealed and it's about energy. It's all about the oil. Now if we could only get that Silk Road development project going and upgrade those old roads!

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