Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Gospel Preached to All Nations

New Bible video project 'revolutionises' the Gospel stories of Jesus - Christian Today
Christian Today reports: "A creative new Bible project has brought the Gospel of Matthew to cinematic realisation – now bringing Jesus' life from all four Gospels into a vivid new form. The video series from 'The Lumo Project' uses the narrative and dialogue from Matthew's Gospel, brings Jesus' ministry to life using with high production values and a realistic visualisation of first century Palestine. Previously completed late last year, The Gospel of Matthew can now be watched for free via The YouVersion 'Bible App'. [...] As its website writes: 'The Lumo Project is a versatile educational resource that can be seen and heard by a truly global audience as it can be dubbed into any translation and all languages. This pioneering educational resource is designed to promote biblical literacy for everyone, irrespective of faith."

Comment: This looks interesting, I like the way they emphasize that it can be translated into all languages. 

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