Wednesday, June 21, 2017

War - Nations in Distress

Michigan airport stabbing suspect identified as Canadian citizen -
UPI reports: "Authorities on Wednesday identified the suspect in an airport stabbing attack on a Michigan police officer as Amor M. Ftouhi, a native of Canada. [...] Prosecutors said before starting the attack, Ftouhi shouted an Arabic phrase meaning 'God is great.' The Canadian citizen now faces federal charges in the attack, a criminal complaint filed in District Court Wednesday said."

Comment: Wow, what an amazing example of the lengths reporters go through to avoid mentioning that once again an act of violence has been perpetrated by a follower of that Religion That Shall Not Be Named.  They even take care to translate the religious slogan followers chant before killing people in the name of their god so as to remove any hint of actual context. What the attacker actually said was "allahu akbar" which is a reference to the god worshiped by the Religion That Shall Not Be Named and not God in the Judeo-Christian tradition or any other religion. If you doubt that distinction you need only ask one of the followers of the Religion That Shall Not Be Named and they will explain it to you.

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