Friday, June 09, 2017

Rumors of War - Persia

Iran leaders accuse US, Saudis of supporting Tehran attacks - AP
AP reports: "Iranian leaders on Friday accused the United States and Saudi Arabia of supporting the Islamic State-claimed dual attacks that killed 17 people in Tehran this week, as thousands of Iranians attended a funeral ceremony for the victims. The country’s Supreme Leader said the attacks will add to the hatred that Iranians harbor toward the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. [...] The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attacks. The IS media arm Aamaq released a video Thursday evening showing what it claimed was a message from the Tehran attackers."

Comment: Well, I suppose they had to blame someone, may as well blame their enemies. Do you suppose the average Iranian understands how absurd that idea is? Here is a subversive thought bomb to drop on your Iranian associates: Islam is a foreign religion undermining authentic Persian culture and should be rejected by all true Iranians.

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