Monday, June 19, 2017

Rumors of War - War - King of the North

Russia threatens to shoot down, escort out aircraft operating in Syria -
UPI reports: "Russia said it is ending logistical military coordination with the United States and threatened to shoot down any aircraft west of the Euphrates River after the U.S. Navy shot down a Syrian regime jet. [... ] The U.S.-led international coalition fighting the Islamic State on Sunday said it shot down a Syrian regime fighter jet because it was attacking the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces militia near Tabqah. The SDF is leading the ground offensive in Syria to capture the Islamic State's stronghold of Raqqa. [...] The Russian ministry said any aircraft operating west of the Euphrates River will now be regarded by the Russian air force as legitimate targets, which will either be shot down or escorted out of the area."

Comment: This is like that old tale about the frog in the hot water. This situation has been building for a such a long time we can't really say that U.S. and Russian military forces are suddenly about to come into direct conflict, there's nothing sudden about this, but the reality is still the same. American, Russian and Iranian military forces are operating one international border away from Israel and things are heating up. The potential for direct confrontation, either accidental or intentional, is high.

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