Thursday, July 06, 2017

Rumors of War - Kings of the East

AP - Pre-emptive US strike on North Korea could be 'catastrophic'
The AP reports: "A pre-emptive military strike may be among the 'pretty severe things' President Donald Trump says he is considering for North Korea, but it’s a step so fraught with risk that it ranks as among the unlikeliest options. Even a so-called surgical strike aimed at the North’s partially hidden nuclear and missile force is unlikely to destroy the arsenal or stop its leader, Kim Jong Un, from swiftly retaliating with long-range artillery that could kill stunning numbers in South Korea within minutes."

Comment: This report does a good job of explaining why the "military option" is not really a viable solution to the problem of North Korea's nuclear program.  This is why North Korea is such a conundrum. There really are no easy answers. A casual observer may believe that Clinton, Bush and Obama did nothing about it. The truth is, they did, they tried every lever of great power persuasion available, including diplomacy, economic sanctions and an unknown number of covert actions. There are very few substantive options remaining except for military power and every informed observer will tell you that the military option will lead to disaster. Please join me in praying for President Trump and his advisors and they consider the way forward, that they will have wisdom, insight and a keen sense of strategy.

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