Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Temple Mount

Reuters - Israel removes Jerusalem metal detectors, Palestinians reject new measures
Reuters reports: "Israel removed metal detectors from entrances to the Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem's Old City on Tuesday in favor of CCTV cameras, hoping to calm days of bloodshed, but Palestinians said the modified security measures were still unacceptable. [...] Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the senior Muslim cleric who oversees Al-Aqsa compound both dismissed the new Israeli measures and demanded all of them be removed."

Comment: Well, there you go, the Palestinians will only be satisfied until all security is removed, allowing the site to once again be a staging area for attacks on Israelis. It's hard to imagine that anyone would find that an acceptable position, but of course, millions of Palestinian apologists will find nothing objectionable with that. The gunmen using the holy site as a staging area and refuge are not the problem, Israel trying to protect people, that is the problem. The real question for us is, will Jordan and Turkey welcome Israel's concession on the metal detectors or will they continue to incite the Arab masses with propaganda? Is the flame going out, or is this conflagration just getting started?

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