Friday, July 21, 2017

Temple Mount

Yahoo News - Deadly stabbing, clashes as tensions rise over Jerusalem holy site
Yahoo News reports: "Three Israelis were stabbed to death and clashes left three Palestinians killed Friday as tensions rose over new security measures at a highly sensitive Jerusalem holy site where police restricted access for Muslim prayers. As Israeli and Palestinian leaders faced pressure to respond, Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas announced late Friday he was freezing contacts with Israel over the holy site dispute. The unrest came after Israeli ministers decided not to order the removal of metal detectors erected at entrances to the Haram al-Sharif compound, known to Jews as the Temple Mount, following an attack nearby a week ago that killed two policemen."

Comment: So, after the attack last week Israel installed metal detectors. This makes sense right, most sensitive sites in the developed world now have security. Do you think that the local Arab population will take this in stride? No, they are rioting. Even though it was Palestinians who caused this problem and a security setup is sensible, they are reacting as if it is Israel that is causing the problem. Typical. But here is the bottom line for us, the Temple Mount is once again becoming a flashpoint and possible source of conflict that can draw in many countries into war with Israel (not because the leaders want to, but because their people want it) and it once again firmly links the Temple Mount (and possible future Temple) as an item that must be addressed in the Mideast peace talks (Covenant with Many).

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