Wednesday, July 19, 2017


U.S. report: Islamic State the biggest terror threat in 2016 -
UPI reports: "Terrorism attacks are on the decline globally for the second year in a row, the State Department said in a report issued Wednesday. Terror attacks were down 9 percent in 2016 compared to the year before and deaths caused by terror attacks were down 13 percent, the report said. [...] Attacks happened in 104 countries in 2016, 55 percent of which happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and the Philippines. Seventy-five percent of terror attack deaths happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria and Pakistan. The Islamic State was the top terror threat in 2016, the State Department said, while al-Qaida also remained a threat."

Comment: Some interesting stats on the global war on terrorism in 2016. I think the Islamic State death-spiral will probably continue to  motivate lone wolf attacks in Europe and elsewhere and will likely mean that 2017 will surpass 2016 in the number of terror attacks.

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