Saturday, July 16, 2016

Nations in Distress

Nearly 3,000 arrested after failed Turkey coup -
UPI reports: "Turkish government officials declared an attempted military coup in the country had been put down as nearly 3,000 soldiers were arrested and 265 people, including civilians and coup plotters, were killed. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke publicly Saturday, less than 24 hours after the military coup was squashed, saying the government remained in control after rival factions of the Turkish military attempted to forcibly seize power of government buildings in Ankara and Istanbul. [...] Turkish television reported about 2,745 judges and five High Judiciary Court Board were removed from duty as a result of the failed coup."

Comment: So the coup failed and the purge has begun. Note that not only have soldiers been arrested  (as we might expect) but that also thousands of members of the judiciary have also been punished. That is most unexpected and can only mean that President Erdogan is moving fast not only to punish the coup plotters but to consolidate his own power by removing anyone he considers a threat to his rule. Turkey may be a democracy, but I'm betting Erdogan will find a way to become president-for-life. 


Brandon said...

I read a news article that posed the question whether this was a stage coup attempt. It becomes a little more interesting when you look at it from that perspective. Only God truly knows, though.

Portents said...

Thanks for your comment. That is an interesting idea, I know people are speculating a lot about it. It does appear that the president is taking advantage of the coup to round up his enemies. Initial reports said the coup was started by a small group of soldiers and yet they are rounding up thousands of people, including police and judges who were probably not even involved in the coup. I'm wondering if this will further alienate the EU and put Turkish membership talks permanently on hold. In that case, Turkey may well go looking for other allies.