Wednesday, July 27, 2016

War - Persecution

Pope Francis says world 'is at war' due to jihadists -
UPI reports: "Pope Francis said 'the world is at war' after jihadist attacks have killed dozens and shaken Europe. As he spoke on the plane from Rome to Krakow, Poland, the 79-year-old pontiff reacted to the murder of a Catholic priest by jihadists Tuesday, saying he did not think it was a religious war, but a war over 'interests, money, resources.' Father Jacques Hamel was killed as he led mass in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, France. Two armed men entered the church and slit his throat. The attack, which the Islamic State claimed responsibility for, is the latest in a wave that has increased tensions across Europe and hardened anti-Muslim views as refugees from Syria and other parts of the Middle East continue to reach European shores."

Comment: It's brave of the pontiff to admit and declare that the world is at war. Like a politician, he was careful to  say it was not a religious war. Although, to be fair, the IS militants have use the past religious wars in their propaganda, inviting their followers to strike at "Crusaders," so calling it a religious war would play into their narrative. On the other hand, can we at least acknowledge that this is a religious war in that it's Islamic fanatics v. followers of all other religions, whom they call infidels? If your opponent declares a religious war against you, does it matter what you call it?

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