Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Persecution - War

Hollande: French church attacked 'in name of' ISIS - CNN
CNN reports: "One of two suspects in a church attack that left a priest dead in northern France was known to anti-terror authorities after attempting a trip to Syria, a French anti-terrorism prosecutor said Tuesday. [...] Sister Daniele Delafosse said she was able to escape the attack, according to CNN French affiliate BFMTV. Before she fled, she witnessed the perpetrators gather around the church altar and perform some sort of religious oration in Arabic before forcing Hamel to his knees and placing a knife to his neck, she told the station. Police attempted to negotiate through a small side door in the church, but they could not enter the building sooner because of the hostage situation, Molins said. One of the killers wore a fake explosive belt, and the other carried a kitchen timer and fake bomb, he said. They were captured as they exited the church. One of them shouted, 'Allahu Akbar' -- Arabic for 'God is the greatest' -- as they left the church."

Comment: What a horrific attack. This was an attack on France but also an attack on this priest because he was a Catholic priest, a Christian, and the attackers did everything they could to underscore the religious nature of this profane attack. Those who deny the religious motivation of these Islamic State terrorists need only look to this attack to see that they are wrong. 

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