Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rumors of War - Kings of the East

International court rebukes China's claims in South China Sea - UPI.com
UPI reports: "An international tribunal in the Hague on Tuesday ruled overwhelmingly in favor of the Philippines, saying China has no right to territorial claims in the South China Sea. The court concluded China has no legal basis to claim rights to large swaths of international waters in the region falling within the so-called 'nine-dash line,' the line claimed by China as its territorial sea boundary. [...] The Chinese government declared the ruling 'ill-founded' and said it will ignore it. [...] Several nations have argued over Bejing's claim to 90 percent of the South China Sea – an area roughly the size of Mexico, including areas claimed by the Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam. The Philippines government decided in 2013 to make its case before the Hague. [...] At issue in the dispute is control of vital shipping lanes, fishing and oil exploration rights."

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