Friday, July 29, 2016

Peace and Security of Jerusalem

Report: U.S., Israel close to largest military deal ever -
UPI reports: "The United States and Israel are closing in on a massive military aid agreement that will reportedly become the largest security package the American government has ever struck with any nation. A senior Israeli official is expected to visit Washington next week to finalize negotiations, The Washington Post reported Friday -- and the edict from Tel Aviv is to get the deal done 'as soon as possible.'"

Comment: This is good to see. I know a lot of Americans are against foreign aid in any form whether philanthropic or military, but in my opinion this is money well spent. 


Brandon said...

Couldn't agree more. It comes as a bit of a shock to me considering the current administrations seemingly cold foreign policy stance with Israel. This is good to hear as they will need all the military strength they can get in the months and years ahead, I'm afraid.

Portents said...

Hi Brandon, thanks for your comment. I think most people would agree with you. I looked into it a bit and found that although the diplomatic track makes the news a lot and has generated negative press coverage the military-to-military relations between the U.S. and Israel have been consistently close over the course of both the Bush and Obama administrations. For example, U.S. companies and military contractors have helped with new defensive weapons systems for Israel (Iron Dome) and the security services of both countries cooperate closely in the areas of counter-terrorism and intelligence-sharing. Hopefully that will not soon change.